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KingKong III Pro 200A HV - regulator HIFEI

Nr katalogowy: 200A-KIII Pro-HV

Zasilanie: 4S - 14S Lipo
Prąd stały (chwilowy): 200A (250A)
BEC: brak (OPTO)
Możliwość programowania: HiFei USB Linker , oprogramowanie HiFei V5.0
Rejestrator danych: tak
Wymiary: 100 x 57 x 23 mm
Waga: 198 g

  • 32-bit Microprocessor with up to 80MHz frequency.
  • 4-14S Lipo support
  • Active FreeWheeling optional
  • Motor PWM frequency 8-32K Hz
  • Throttle resolution up to 1uS
  • Throttle signal refresh rate up to 1K Hz
  • Integrated RPM sensor to simplize the wiring for extenal Governor
  • Optimized the Governor Algorithm to ensure the head speed more stable
  • Fully CNC aluminium housing with built-in high quality bearing cooling fan to efficient the heat dissipation
  • Built-In data Logger (logging parameters: battery voltage/current/throttle output/temperature/motor RPM)
  • Reserve the telemetry interface easy to transfer the realtime data to the third part device
  • Max 240000 RPM with 2 pole motor ( Heli Mode: Max 160000 electric RPM )
  • Program setting by your smartphone through an exteranl wifi dongle (available for KingKong III Pro)
  • Real log data (battery voltage, current, esc temperature,motor rpm ) can be telemetered on your smartphone (available for KingKong III Pro)
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