Scorpion 1M (#0024)

Scorpion 1M Very stable and easy to fly universal electro-glider – sport flyer capable of basic aerobatic maneuvers. The JK8040 airfoil was specially developed for this glider to allow good air penetration, very wide range of speed and excellent handling.
Placed in the back of the Fuselage motor with pusher propeller allows to make landings in difficult terrains without damaging propeller. Equipped with very efficient ART-400 outrunner motor can fly on single battery charge up to 15 min. with power ON.
Scorpion low flying mass (approx. 460 g / 16 oz.) and composite Fuselage makes it very rugged.
Scorpion design also allows using it as FPV electro-glider.

Kit contains:
Motor ART-400Spinner 12mmPropeller APC 5,5 x 4,5Connector and 3x Servo HS-53.

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Wing span 1000 mm / 47.24 in.
Length 760 mm / 29.92 in.
Wing area 17.75 dm² / 275.12
Wing airfoil JK8040
Glider weight 290 g / 10.17 oz.
Weight in flight  460 g

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