PHOENIX EdgeLite 50A (#010-0113-00)

How Data Logging can change your life. New data logging functions built in to Phoenix Ice controllers offer an incredible convenient means of answering some of RC’s most troubling questions.
– How much power am I using?
– Whats my RPM?
– How are my battery holding up under load?
– How long can I fly a particular setup?
– How hot is the controller getting?

Data Logging Specifications
Use the Castle Link software and USB link to select the data points and sample rate. The operations are:
– Battery Voltage
– Battery Ripple
– Battery Current
– Controller Temperature
– Throttle Input
– Motor Power Output
– Motor RPM
Plus it’s backed by a full one year factory warranty, and support by the company that set the standard for customer service in the hobby industry. You don’t have to settle for poor quality, unknown origin, and no support in your ESC anymore. Castle Link Compatible.

Max current: 50A (rating for full throttle with 5MPH air flow over the controller
Max voltage: 25 V
Bateria / attery: 6S LiPo
BEC: 5A max. Linear regulator
Waga / Weight: 0.8oz.
Wymiary / Dimensions: L.W.H 1.6×1.04×0.5 in.

$ 91,12


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