Serena-C 2M (#0053)

This sailplane has withwide envelope of speeds and superb thermal characteristics. The Serena is a fast assembling, high quality model and incredible performer. It has a double-trapezoid, tapered wing. It also has a built-in washout for tip-stall resistant flight characteristics, and lower drag. It features the OP0830C-modified airfoil specially modified for this sailplane. Serena-s wing could be built with aileron and flaps or with ailerons only if desired by the builder.

Kit contains:
model components, all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.

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Wing span 2000 mm / 78.74 in.
Length 1400 mm / 55.1 in.
Wing area 30.08 dm² / 466.24
Wing airfoil OP0830-modified
Glider weight ~480 g / 16.84 oz.
Weight in flight  630 g

Radio 6 CH. or more
Receiver Optima-6/7, RDS8000, similar
Ailerons servos 2 x HS-65HB or similar
Flaps 2 x HS-65MG or similar
Elevator/Rudder 2 x HS-65MG or similar
Battery 1200-2200 mAh NiMh, LiPo-2S
4-Pin Connector
Servo Covers

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