Vela 3.4M (F5J) (#0210)

Excellent thermal performer, coupled with fun handling and reasonable size. Modern airfoils specially designed for this glider, provides wide range of speed and stall free characteristic. Fully mechanized wing with 4 control surfaces, allows perfect control during pinpoint landings.

Kit contains:
model components, all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.

There’s a 8-10 day shipment delay for 3.0M+ models.

$ 520,19


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Wing span 3400 mm / 133.85 in.
Length ~1745 mm / ~68.11 in.
Wing area 57,2 dm² / 887
Wing airfoil PS-32-1; PS-32-2; PS-32-3; PS-32-4
Wing Load ~23.60 g / dm²
Glider weight ~796 g / ~27.92 oz.
Weight in flight ~1350 g /~47.62 oz.

Radio 8+ch.
Receiver 8+ch. Optima-7, Maxima-9, similar
Servos 4 x ES-3352, 2 x HS-65MG,
Motor ART-1700ART-1900
ESC ESC 35A – 50A
Spinner 35 mm LD
Propeller 14×8 CAM or 15×6 CAM
Battery 1300 (1050 75C lub 1300 45C) 3-cell, LiPo Tattu (no larger than 90g)
Motor Mount 35mm (#M01005)
4-Pin Connector x4
Lacquer x 2
Servo Covers #0031, #0032


Fuselage pod with Canopy #0210P    add to cart
Canopy #0210A    add to cart
Wing set #0210W    add to cart
Vertical stabilizer with Rudder #0210SR    add to cart
Tail boom #0210B    add to cart
Horizontal stabilizer #0210H    add to cart
Classic tail for carbon tail boom #A0040 $ 8,15    add to cart


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