SZD-19-2 Zefir 2 3M (#0200)

Zefir was a single-seat glider aircraft that was designed and built in Poland from 1957.
It was designed for the Polish representatives to start in the world championships in an open class glider competitions.

Our version has a composite fuselage in two parts for shipping savings, our well known poplar veneer wings (3-segment design).
The set cointains white foil for wing covering and cut-out orange foil for fuselage, tail and wing decoration with name and number decals.

Kit contains:
– fiberglass fuselage (two segment designed)
– wings (three segment designed)
– rudder + horizontal stab.
– clear canopy with frame
– cnc plywood servos mount
– white foil for wing covering
– orange stickers/foil for fuselage, tail and wing tips.
– all neceserry hardware (control horns, push rods etc.)

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Wing span 3000 mm
Length 1245 mm
Wing area 46.5 dm²
Wing airfoil Designed specifically for application
Wing Load n.d.
Glider weight n.d.
Weight in flight ~1700 g (electric version)


Motor ART-1900
Spinner 40 mm
Propeller 14×8 CAM / 15×6 CAM
Battery 1550-2220 3-cell LiPo

Pictures from the building and movies from the covering you can be found here:


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