Deviant: successor to the popular GO Mini 1-meter DLG.

Have you always wanted a model that you can just get in the air and start flying whenever you get the urge? You need a Deviant in your life : )

The Deviant is a successor to the GO Mini in many ways. It takes all that we have learned from the GO Mini and takes it a step further. Built on the proof that a large low-AR wing helps boost both the performance and handling of a 1-meter model, the Deviant continues with the low-AR design with optimizations to launch and penetration. Even in higher winds where other 1 meter models will struggle, the Deviant will stay on step, and when needed, it will take ballast like nothing else.


  • Solid Cascell core molded wing and tails
  • CW20 / CW30 / CW40 Carboweave wing skin
  • CW20 tail skin
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • Nosecone
  • 1-piece wing
  • Easy to build four in pod setup
  • Removable wing
  • Removable horizontal tail


  • Wing: Solid Cascell core, Carboweave STF, carbon spar and reinforcements
  • Fuselage: Carbon, fibreglass
  • Tail group: Solid Cascell core, Carboweave STF, carbon spar

Flight Characteristics:

  • High launch
  • Large speed range
  • Great climb rate
  • Sensitive to light thermals
  • High L/D and penetration
  • Friendly handling
  • ‘Feels’ like a bigger 1.5m model

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Wing span 995 mm / 39.2 in.
Length 786 mm / 30.9 in.
Wing area 13.28 dm/ 205.8
Wing airfoil Based on Synergy 2
Glider weight ~98 g / 3.5 oz.
Weight in flight  ~150 g / 5.3 oz.

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