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Tigra-E 1.4M (#0023)

Tigra-E 1.4M is an electric version of the Tigra 1.4M Flying Wing that was specially engineered for hand launch and slope enthusiasts. It’s low flying mass and composite Fuselage makes it very rugged. The JK3780 modified self-stabilizing airfoil was specially developed to allow superb air penetration, very wide range of speed and excellent handling. Its aerodynamic efficiency allows easy thermal catching and long glide time. Equipped with very efficient ART-400 outrunner motor can fly on single battery charge up to 30 min. with power ON.

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Wing span 1420 mm / 55.9 in.
Length 635 mm / 25 in.
Wing area 23.7 dm² / 367.3 sq.in.
Wing airfoil JK3780-modified
Glider weight 250 g / 8.7 oz.
Weight in flight  400 g

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